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A lot of folks ask, "What is ecological landscaping? What does it look like?" The answer is often just as diverse as we encourage our landscapes to be. It can look like replacing a lawn that you are tired of mowing with a native meadow for pollinators. It can look like a regular landscape, but filled with a mixture of perennial edible plants, native shrubs, and flowers to provide habitat for beneficial animals and insects. It can even look like your current yard, maintained in a way that regenerates the soil, sequesters carbon, and is landscaped to be a defensible space in a wildfire. No matter how you look at it, ecological landscaping is about how you relate to your landscape, and how your landscape relates to the world around you. We take time to assess your landscape, from the plants and their health to the movement of the sun and water, and even the wildlife that is present to provide the best garden design for your life and your landscape.


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Witch Hazel (Medicinal)

Creeping Raspberry (edible)

The Sod Slayer - our Magna Grecia hoe

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yard waste

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